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Gladiator Night Results

PrimerPete, Jan 19, 13 9:46 PM.
First i would like to think every one for the practipaction in the event and A big congrats to Brent/Alachikantor for is victory in the first of many gladiator night event

Cathal Valley Weekend!

cdudek906, Dec 7, 12 12:49 PM.
This weekend is a Cathal Valley Weekend, where level 50's will have access to the battleground. The guild will be running a visi-RvR Marathon all weekend long. See Vansul (Croniac) for details and to sign up.

Darkspire Beaten!

cdudek906, Nov 21, 12 12:29 AM.
On 11/20, a tight 8man of guildies muscled through the classic Darkspire Instance. Slow and steady teamwork brought them up spire until they finally reached Mordred.....who died in 3 hits! Talk about anticlimactic.

PvE Night Saturday 11/10 @ 9pm EST!

cdudek906, Nov 8, 12 1:58 PM.
We will attempt a PvE night this upcoming Saturday. Possible raid ideas include: Darkness Falls (if available), Darkspire, Summoner's Hall, ML10 pre-bosses, Leviathan, and any ideas you come up with! Please have a PvE toon ready.

Turkey Day Lottery! - Saturday 11/24 @ 8:00pm EST.

cdudek906, Nov 1, 12 3:01 PM.
Due to Hurricane Sandy, we unfortunately had to post-pone our Halloween Grab Bag. But! We will be hosting an even bigger Turkey Day Lottery to celebrate Thanksgiving. Some great prizes to be won! Including, but not limited to: Full ML1-10 Token, Dragonscales, 10platinum, and much more! The event will take place on Saturday 11/24 @ 8:00pm EST.

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